Porsche 944 Turbo:


Auto Analyser Racing spared no expense in preparing this 944 Turbo to be as competitive and reliable as possible. Below is a brief description of the steps that took place.

1.  Strip car to bare shell and seam weld chassis

2.  Scrape all sound deadening material 

Design and fabricate custom 10 pt. DOM roll cage to improve safety and chassis rigidity

Weld plates for seatbelts, and reinforce rear coil over pickup point to roll cage

3.  Sand blast and Soda blast shell    
5.  Design and fabricate custom 10 pt. DOM roll cage to improve safety and chassis rigidity

6.  Send chassis for paint and bodywork

7.  Design custom spherical ball suspension complete with adjustable geometry




8. Race Spec engine build

Click here for detailed engine specifications

9. Transmission Overhaul (LSD rebuild, synchros inspection, and 4.1:1 racing final drive installation)  
10. Bigger Brake adaption (S4 racing calipers with Hawk Blue racing pads) Notice the attention to detail such as the wire tied caliper bolts. All hardware used has been drilled and wire tied to ensure safe prolonged operation
11. Replace original Huntley "Stage 3 turbo" with Garrett GT 3071 R from ATP turbo. Compressor calculations show peak efficiency at 18lbs. and no cross of surge line. Extensive fabrication required to fit this turbo. All welding performed with argon backflow to ensure clean flow on interior walls. Machine 1/2" of material to allow room for custom flange to seal oil return path and mount turbo.
12. Machine holding fixture, Machine 4 bolt pattern from hotside into V band style clamping surface. 
13. Setup spare block/head assembly as jig for downpipe/uppipe fabrication. Machine T3 flange to accept a ring style gasket similar to Porsche factory gaskets.
14.  All welding performed with argon backflow to ensure clean flow on interior walls. Original cast bracket from factory downpipe was removed and enlarged to fit 3" pipe. Reused on new downpipe to prevent damage to turbo mount should exhaust be bumped from below. Factory water lines reused by machining custom adapters. 
15. Fabrication of carbon fiber front splitter/belly pan. This serves to increase front downforce and minimize drag. This was produced using a 2*2 carbon weave, two layers top, and two layers bottom, around a .5" foam core. This was wet layed and then vacuum bagged to ensure equal resin distribution, better strength, and less weight. Total weight =9lb. 

What's New:

January 4th 05: Received Zietronix wideband and new base map from Chris White at 944 enhancement. I strongly recommend Chris for any 944 Turbo needs, the map works great and the Zietronix shipped out next day. Thanks again.

January 15th 05: Completing Adams V12.0 simulation of modified front suspension geometry. Target is to have new cast uprights produced by April to correct for race height geometry issues found on the 944 Turbo front suspensions.

February 20th 05: completed intercooler duct and reverse hood scoop, pictures to come

March 4th 05: Received DL1 datalogger from Race-Technology, purchased from Powerwerks.net. The service was excellent, and prompt shipping. Sourced damper position sensors from Active Sensors to monitor suspension travel and help tune spring rates.

March11th 05: Completed carbon front splitter

March 13th 05: Continuing front suspension simulations, analysing anti-dive in adams V12 to allow softer ride rates to help front end grip. Also designing fully adjustable front and rear anti-roll systems.